Industrial Automation Projects

Industrial automation projects that the engineers at Industrial Automation Solution have experience programming and designing. These industrial automation projects utilize robots, PLCs, motion controllers, servo amplifiers, VFDs and SCADA systems.

Flying Camera: Universal Studios – Hollywood California

The studio needed to control a camera mounted to a rail running down the middle of an aircraft that looked similar to the space shuttle. They were requesting the position of the camera be manually controlled through a thumb wheel and also have the ability to set predefined camera positions.

Solution: Mitsubishi Electric Automation single axis motion controller, 22 kW servo motor with servo amplifier and touch screen HMI.

Single axis servo system

Mega Watt Solar Plant: 29 Palms, California

Solar World was looking to install a solar plant in the desert with single axis controls for over 2000 solar panels. These solar panels would generate 2 Megawatts of energy and the power generated by the panels was sold back to SCE.

Solution: Mitsubishi Electric Automation FX3U PLC, compact VFD and touch screen HMI.

Solar panel project

Filling Machine: Irvine, California

Maruchan is a noodle manufacturing company that produces a cup of noodle product and needed to retrofit an existing filler line with 22 axis of servo control. In this industrial automation project they wanted a filler machine to fill a measured amount of powered spices into the cup of noodles. We also installed a Cognex vision system to verify the product was being dispensed in the cup.

Solution: Mitsubishi Electric Automation L-series PLC, LD77 motion module, servo amplifies with servo motors and touch screen HMI.

Filling machine

Pick and Place Machine: Compton, California

Harvard Card was needing to build a packaging line to pick credit cards from a stacker and place them on to a conveyor. These cards were placed on top of each other with offsets to make a multi card package to be sold during the holidays.

Solution: Yaskawa MP2300 motion controller, Sigma 5 servo amplifiers with servo motors and Red Lion touch screen HMI.

Pick and Place Machine

Robotic Tool Tending/Parts Picking: Chatsworth, California

Ganesh Machinery is a builder of CNC Machines. They reserved a booth at the IMTS show and they wanted to show an articulated arm robot picking parts and tool tending one of their CNC machines.

Solution: Mitsubishi Electric Automation RV type articulated robot arm with touch screen HMI.

Robot Tool and Part Tending

Vision Guided Robot Control: Terra Bella, California

Setton Farms is a grower of Pistachios in California. They package their own product and they needed to automate the picking of premium pistachios from a conveyor using a vision guided robot with a vacuum end of arm tool. Industrial Automation Solution worked with other industrial automation system integration companies on this project.

Solution: Mitsubishi Electric Automation RV type articulated robot arm.