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Industrial Automation Solution engineers have years of experience designing, programming and commissioning industrial control systems for variety of automation projects. We can answer questions regarding an existing automation system, or if you have an idea for new automation project, we can help. Please call us at (657)263-6852

Technical Support On Current Automation System

Need to find a knowledgeable and honest system integration company ? We can support most major manufactures factory automation equipment. This includes services for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Human Machine interface (HMI), Motion Controllers, Servo Amplifiers, Variable Speed Drives (VFD) and Robots.

Upgrading Existing Automation System

If your current automation system is obsolete or has limited capabilities, it might be time to upgrade. We can reduce downtime while upgrading your existing automation system to the most current hardware and software. Don’t have a current migration path to update your current automation system. Contact us, we can help make the process painless.

PLC pic

Automated Machine Control

At the center of most automated machines is a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with a rugged industrial grade processor. The PLC has the capabilities of reading the status of inputs as well as controlling the state of outputs. These input devices include switches, contacts and temperature sensors. In addition, the PLC performs logic based on the status of the input signals and as a result, turns on the appropriate output. Programming the logic is accomplished by an application software developed for that particular manufactures PLC and should follow the IEC 61131-3 specification. Furthermore, this specification defines several different types of programming languages. The different programming types are Ladder Logic, Structured Text, Function Block and Sequential Flow Chart.

PLC block diagram
Robot Industrial Automation

Robot Integration

There are several considerations when selecting the type and size of a robot. Firstly, you will need to determine how much reach the robot will need. Secondly, the payload of the parts. Thirdly, how accurate the application calls for. For example, you will need to measure the robot’s reach by measuring the distance of it’s base to where the parts are picked up and/or dropped off. The payload is based on the weight of the part in addition to the EOA (End of Arm) tooling. Also, you find the accuracy in the specifications of the robot. Another consideration is what type of communications options are available and the number of hardware inputs and outputs. In short, selecting a robot can be challenging but we can help.

SCADA System Integration

SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition– Most automation systems need a window into the control process. This window can be used to either monitor the system status or moreover, start a process. The SCADA systems are hosted on a Windows based computer such as a panel mounted PC. On larger SCADA systems, for example, they would use a dedicated PC in a control room. In addition, the industrial automation system might also have a HMI (Human Machine Interface) panel. Similarly, to the SCADA system it will require screen development software.

SCADA Overview
Smart Factory

IoT Factory Automation System Design

IoT: Internet of Things: a term used in factory automation describing a system with smart devices (PLCs) communicating to a cloud based server. Moreover, this cloud based server has software that allows the developer to define gateways. For example, in an automated manufacturing plant there could be a gateway located locally near the automated machines. Also, Using Ethernet, the automated machines could be connected to a router and then to a gateway which is on the internet. Thus, connecting the machines to the cloud based server. Furthermore, you can define a location to store the data being collected from the automated machines, such as a data base or Enterprise System.

Iot Gateway

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