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Industrial Automation Services

Industrial Automation Services
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Robot Integration

Industrial robot Integration into an existing production line does not have to be an expensive and disruptive process. Robot Integration is one of the automation services Industrial Automation Solution can provide. We also provide automation services such as design, programming and commission your industrial robot project with the latest industrial robot technology. Contact us today.

PLC Programmable Logic Controller
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Automation Services

Need to find an experienced and knowledgeable automation services company ? We support most major manufactures factory automation equipment. This includes automation services for Industrial Robots, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Human Machine interface (HMI), Motion Controllers, Servo Amplifiers, Variable Speed Drives (VFD).

Factory Automation Consulting
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Consulting Services

Industrial Automation Solution offers automation services. We are based in Southern California and specialize in industrial robot integration, automation design and programming for variety of automation products. If you have an idea for a new automation project or need to upgrade an existing automation system. Please call us (657)263-6852

Robot Automation Services

Custom Automated Machine Design

From concept to completion, Industrial Automation Solution is a complete automation services provider including electrical and mechanical design, AutoCAD engineering drawings, Human Machine Interface visualization and control programming. We will design, build, install and commission your automated machines. Utilizing the most current available technologies, our engineers will evaluate the current process and design a custom solution.

Mitsubishi Electric FX5U PLC

Mitsubishi FXU5

The most common and cost effective type of PLC is the brick style and these units come with a predefined number of inputs and outputs and have limited expansion capabilities. The input and output type and quantity will vary based on the model of the chosen unit. They are usually found on stand alone machines with lower processor speed requirements and a minimum amount of communications capabilities needed. In the case of the FX5U PLC by Mitsubishi Electric, these PLCs come with a built in Ethernet port, a serial port (RS-485) two analog inputs and one analog output. Expansion modules can be installed on either side of the unit. There are a variety of different expansion modules for communications and IO expansion. This PLC also comes with a built in driver on the Ethernet port that gives the user the ability to control servo drives without having to purchase a motion module or motion controller. 

Mitsubishi Electric iQR series PLC

i-QR Mitsushi PLC

Another popular style of PLC is the rack mount type. These units have a parallel back-plane where the power supply and CPU along with the input and output modules plug into a rack. The CPU communicates to the expansion modules through the back-plane, which reduces overall CPU processing load, do to the expansion modules having their own processor. The PLC manufacturer will offer several choices of processor speed and memory configurations. They also have many types of input and output modules along with communication and safety options.

Emergency Services

  • Legacy Robot, Servo, PLC and HMI repair and upgrades
  • Mitsubishi Electric factory trained 
  • PLC  Programmable Logic Controller Programming Services
  • HMI Human Machine Interface Design 
  • Motion Control Programming services 

Industrial Automation Services: Tips For Selecting A Robot

There are several considerations when selecting the type and size of a robot and Industrial Automation Solution has automation services that will help guide you through the process of your robot integration.

 1) You will need to determine how much reach will be necessary for the application. This is commonly referred to as the envelope size. For example, to determine the robot reach needed, measure the distance from the base of the robot to the part pick up and dropped off locations.

 2) The payload of the parts. The payload of the application is based on the weight of the part, in addition to the EOA (End of Arm) tooling.

 3) The accuracy and speed needed for the application. These values are typically found in the specification from the robot manufacturer.

 4) Lastly, safety !!! There are several option regarding safety. Area scanners, light curtains and collaborative type robots are a few of the choices.

In short, selecting a robot can be challenging but Industrial Automation Solution is a robot integration company with a diversity of experience. As an experienced factory automation company, we can help with the process.


SCADA System Automation Services

SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition– Most industrial automation solutions need a window into the control process and this window can be used to either monitor the system status or start a process. SCADA systems are typically hosted on a Windows based computer such as a panel mounted PC. On larger SCADA systems, for example, they would use a dedicated PC in a control room that could control and monitor several processes throughout the facility.

In addition, the industrial automation system might also require an HMI panel mounted near the process. Similarly, to the SCADA system integration an HMI requires screen development software to create the different screens. The difference between an HMI and SCADA system is the number of data points and frequency in which needs to be monitored or logged. Typically, SCADA systems are used on larger systems. An HMI is used when local visualization is needed. We have experience with the Wonderware Archestra and Iconics platform. Automation services include design, service and install SCADA systems.

SCADA Industrial Automation System

IoT Factory Automation Systems

Smart Factory

IoT: Internet of Things is a term used in industrial automation that describe a system with smart devices and these devices can be PLC’s or various web based devices communicating to a cloud based server. This cloud based server supports development software that allows the developer to configure devices located in remote locations, such as industrial manufacturing plants. Also, the software is used to create dashboards that can be viewed from any computer with an Internet connection. The gateway would be connected to a router over Ethernet and this router would be connected to the individual devices. Thus, connecting the automated machines to the cloud based server. Furthermore, you can define a locations to store the data being collected from the industrial automated machines, such as a data base or Enterprise System. Please see drawing below.


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