Automated VFD Conveyor Control Cleanup

Industrial Automation Solution was contacted by Adrian, the director of engineering at Health-Ade, a manufacturer of health drinks. Adrian called us and was quite upset about the his automated VFD conveyor control system being down and needed someone to respond or he was going to have to start sending employees home. This automated VFD conveyor control system, which consisted of 50 AB VFD drives, transported the product through the bottle labeling, filling and capping process and when the conveyor system goes down the whole process stops. We responded in about 2 hours and found the system running but Adrian was not happy with the conveyor systems reliability and his technical staff not having the proper documentation to troubleshoot problems.

The system integration company that originally installed the conveyor system left the project incomplete without labeling any wires and decided to take the wiring diagrams with them. The conveyor VFD panel had wires strung about with no panduit covers and no one on site with any technical knowledge of how the system was originally designed to function. We talked to Adrian about creating Auto-CAD drawings and installing wire numbers. He agreed and contracted us to help them. We are in the process of creating wire diagrams and cleaning up the panel.

Robot Integration for Tire Removal/Installation Station

RoboTire, who is designing a robotic automated tire removal/installation station was creating a new concept utilizing 2 articulated arm Mitsubishi robots. They contracted Industrial Automation Solution to complete the robot integration of these two robots into their latest design concept. Currently, we are in initial stages of programming, testing and design and are adding Cognex vision system for several tasks including to locate tire placement along with lug nut removal/placement . Please click on the link to see video for the latest progress on this project.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Robot 3D Vision System

Mitsubishi PLC Logo

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Robot 3D Vision System was developed in response to the needs of the manufacturing industry, enabling customers to create and deploy a robotic random part picking solution that works quickly, accurately, and with dexterity. Employing Canon proprietary digital imaging technologies, the RV1100, RV1100P, RV500 and RV300 serve as the “eyes” of Mitsubishi Electric robots. Through cutting-edge image-recognition, data processing, and optical technologies, these eyes are capable of the three-dimensional sensing necessary to successfully identify randomly located parts within a bin or pile.

Unitronics Adds New Motion Control Solution

Unitronics Adds New Motion Control Solution: Unitronics is known for combination HMI + PLC units has now introduced motion control to their already robust line-up. Easy to implement motion function blocks that help with development and commissioning make it a great choice for machine builders. Check out the latest developments with Unitronics. Known for high quality innovated industrial automated solutions, Unitronics has released a easy to implement motion solution to their already robust lineup of HMI + PLC lineup.