Automated Parts Dipping Machine

CaPlugs is a plastic parts manufacturer. They asked Industrial Automation Solution to update the existing controls on their parts automated parts dipping machine. These controls consisted of an old Automation Direct DL05 PLC an external timer with an analog controller to control the induction motor speed with a pot. The video above shows us testing the new 400W servo motor lifting over 50 lbs. at well under maximum torque. 


GT2108 HMI

Human Machine Interface

We gave the customer an option on 2 different systems and they chose the Mitsubishi Electrics option. This option is all Ethernet based communications with the PLC, HMI and Servo controller on the Ethernet CC link IE Field Basic network. After the first design, the customer requested a larger HMI and wanted to use recipes. We increased the size of the HMI to 7 inch wide type and utilized the recipe function.

Automated Parts dipping Machine

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