Robotic Testing Cell for Fuel Isolation Rods

A Local Aerospace company that manufactures fuel isolation rods was looking to automate their quality control testing procedure. Industrial Automation Solution was contracted to build a robotic testing cell to weight the parts and measure resistance using a Hypot. The fuel isolation rods come in 20 different sizes. They very in length approxematly 5 inch for the shorter and 10 inch for the longer. The width varies from 8 cm to 55 cm.

Mechanical Design

Our mechanical engineer designed a bin to transport the fuel rods from the loading area to the robot pick/place location and then to the unload location. 

Robotic testing cell parts presentation angle along with the robot stand height, conveyor height was tested in AutoCAD and verified with the first generation bin.  

Robot Automation Services

Electrical Design

The electrical components for the robotic testing cell included a UR5 Universal robot, FX5U Mitsubishi PLC, GT2508 HMI and (2) 8ft conveyors. 

At the beginning of the day, the robot testing cell system automatically uploads the current open jobs report via serial connection from their AS400 IBM system. It uses that jobs report to with bar code numbers to generate individual jobs that have isolation rods with unique serial numbers. The jobs report also includes the high and low values for the testing parameters. At the end of the day, a report is generated from the robot testing system and is transferred back to the AS400 system.

Wiring Overview

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